Accipiter gentilis – Wikipedia
L’ Astore (Accipiter gentilis, Linneo 1758) è un uccello rapace della … sono circa come l’ A. g. marginatus. A. g. fujiyamae: sull … Handbook of the Birds of Europe the Middle East and …

Wild Bird List in Saitama, Japan. Natural Environmental Research …
… Research Laboratory of Waseda Univ.¡¡We introduces about wild bird around … Northern Goshawk: Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae: Common Kingfisher: Alcedo atthis bengalensis

Birds found during FONT Japan Spring Birding Tours
Birds found during FONT Spring Birding & Nature Tours. in Japan. during April, May … Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae; Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Hai-taka) _____ HN(HI)

Japan Birds during FONT Birding & Nature Tours
Japan Birds during FONT Birding & Nature Tours. 1994 thru 2008 (during the months … Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae; Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Hai-taka) _____ SP,FW HI NS

Ornitho Birds Dictionary – Babylon
Ornitho Birds is available for free download at … Created by: Miguel Portillo … Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae Accipiter gentilis gentilis

Northern goshawk: Information from
Northern goshawk Accipiter gentilis SUBFAMILY Accipitrinae TAXONOMY … south to the Himalayas and Indochina. A.g. fujiyamae: … Hunts by day; takes small to medium-sized birds and …

Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae is a local subspecies of a large widespread accipiter with a wide … It feeds mainly on medium-sized birds, such as pigeons, in the vicinity of ……

Habicht (Art) – Wikipedia
Der Habicht (Accipiter gentilis) ist eine Greifvogel art … etwa wie A. g. marginatus; A. g. fujiyamae: Auf … Mai 2006; Videos zu Accipiter gentilis in der Internet Bird Collection

学名: Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae (Swann et Hartert, 1923) 異名: 英名:Goshawk (Japanese … Handbook of the Birds of Europe.The Middle East and North Afurica,volII.

Azor – Wikipedia
O Azor (Accipiter gentilis) é unha ave rapaz da familia Accipitridae. … Marginatus. A. g. fujiyamae: da illa xaponesa de Honshu … Northern Goshawks; Goshawk videos on the Internet Bird …

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