Birdtour Asia Lesser Sundas tour report 2008
Systematic Bird List . 8th – 25th July 2008 . Leader: James Eaton. Yellow … Variable Goshawk: Accipiter hiogaster sylvestris: Brown Goshawk: Accipiter fasciatus wallacii

List of birds of Australia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds, CSIRO … Accipiter cirrocephalus; Variable Goshawk, Accipiter hiogaster – … Lord Howe Woodhen, Gallirallus sylvestris – Lord Howe …

Australian Bird Image Database- News
Galliformes – Game Birds -Pheasants, Quail … Gallirallus sylvestris – Lord Howe Rail … Accipiter hiogaster – Variable Goshawk …

Avibase – Bird Checklists of the World – Australia bird checklist
… extensive database information system about all birds … Variable Goshawk: Accipiter hiogaster: Gray Goshawk: Accipiter … Lord Howe Rail: Gallirallus sylvestris: Endemic Endangered
Secretary-bird. 32:FALCONIDAE:Falcons and Caracaras … Accipiter hiogaster:Variable Goshawk. 30:Accipiter novaehollandiae: … Gallirallus sylvestris:Lord Howe Rail. 46:Gallirallus okinawae

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations.
Version 9.029 (2008.12.20). Bold species epithet = type species. Sparkline following genus citation CICONIIFORMES 268 Genera 1020 sp. (2008.08.16) [Includes FALCONIDES]
print "$_\n" if $whr;} #seen birds #print "$_\n … Accipiter hiogaster:Variable Goshawk:Pg. 30:Accipiter novaehollandiae … Gallirallus sylvestris:Lord Howe Rail. 46:Gallirallus …

A B C D E F G H I J; 1 : 2 : This spreadheet is a record of all the wild birds recorded in Australia for each state and territory. If you know of any additions or amendments then …

A B C D E F G H I J K; 1: Order: Family (Latin) Family (English) Genus: Species (Latin) Species (English) Breeding Range General Region: Breeding Range Subregion(s) Nonbreeding …

Sibley-Monroe List
Sibley-Monroe List. 1 Struthionidae: Ostrich 1 Struthio camelus Ostrich 2 Rheidae:

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