Richmond Index — Infrageneric Accipiter macrourus – Acmonorhynchus …
… here is the property of the Division of Birds at … Next card; Accipiter nisoides Blyth 1847; Accipiter nisus … Accipiter virgatus vanbemmeli Voous 1950; Accipiter wolterstorffi …

Corsica Trip Report 2004
We just mainly focussed on the 2 endemic full species (my only new birds … Eurasian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus ssp wolterstorffi – Rather scarce with only 1 at Fôret de Bonifatu …

7.1.0071 Sardinia Nature Flora Asphodel Asphodelus microcarpus
Numerous they are the birds of prey presents: besides the common Buzzard Buteo … the Real Eagle Aquila chrysaetos, the Sparviere Sardinian Accipiter nisus wolterstorffi and the rare …

Sperber (Art) – Wikipedia
Der Sperber (Accipiter nisus) ist ein Greifvogel und … und größer als Nominatform. A. n. wolterstorffi: … Oktober 2008; Videos zu Accipiter nisus in der Internet Bird Collection

Birdwatching trip report – Corsica –
This low scrub of cistus and other bushes seemed to be full of birds and … Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus wolterstorffi) – one seen at Calenzana on the 25th and 29th and another …

SCRICCIOLO: Check-list with breeding Subspecies of Italian Birds – 1
… OF ITALIAN BIRDS … 105 02690: Sparviere: Accipiter nisus: nisus: wolterstorffi: 106 02730 : Sparviere levantino: Accipiter brevipes.

British, Irish & WP Birding | by Richard Bonser
As one of the birds that we were most keen on seeing is only found on Corsica … Sparrowhawk, Accipiter nisus wolterstorffi. Common Buzzard, Buteo buteo arrigonii

Video & DVD
Birds of the Macaronesian Islands Part one: the Canary … Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus wolterstorffi (endemic Corsica and Sardinia)

QB6 – Accipiter
In Corsica e Sardegna vive una sottospecie di Sparviere (Accipiter nisus wolterstorffi) più piccola e … Africa – Oxford University Press; CRAMP S., SIMMONS K. – 1980 – The Birds of …

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations.
Version 9.029 (2008.12.20). Bold species epithet = type species. Sparkline following genus citation CICONIIFORMES 268 Genera 1020 sp. (2008.08.16) [Includes FALCONIDES]

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