ITIS Standard Report Page: Acrocephalus familiaris
… Acrocephalus familiaris kingi — Nihoa … Reference for: Acrocephalus familiaris … Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R.C. Reference for: Acrocephalus familiaris

Nihoa Millerbird – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nihoa Millerbird (Acrocephalus familiaris kingi) is a subspecies of the Millerbird. It is limited to and one of the two endemic birds of the tiny island of Nihoa in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The other endemic bird is the Nihoa Finch. It gets its name from its preferred food, the miller moth.

Acrocephalus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… warblers are small, insectivorous passerine birds belonging to the genus Acrocephalus. … Nihoa Millerbird, Acrocephalus familiaris kingi; Laysan Millerbird, Acrocephalus …

Millerbird (Acrocephalus familiaris) – BirdLife species factsheet
Range & population Acrocephalus familiaris is endemic to the steep, rocky … On Nihoa, the race kingi has been estimated to number from 31 to 731 birds since the late 1960s, with the …

Acrocephalus – definition of Acrocephalus by the Free Online …
genus Acrocephalus. bird genus – a genus of birds. family Sylviidae, Sylviidae – in some … Acrocephalus familiaris kingi Acrocephalus gracilirostris Acrocephalus griseldis

Hawaii Endangered Species–Birds
Birds–32 taxa … Millerbird, Nihoa : Acrocephalus familiaris kingi: Moorhen, Hawaiian common `alae`ula: Gallinula chloropus …

Acrocephalus schoenobaenus – definition of Acrocephalus schoenobaenus …
sedge bird, sedge warbler, sedge wren, reedbird. Old World warbler, true … Acrocephalus familiaris kingi Acrocephalus gracilirostris Acrocephalus griseldis

Endangered Species in the Pacific Islands
… Species in the Pacific Islands. Nihoa Millerbird / Acrocephalus familiaris kingi. The Nihoa millerbird is a tiny land bird measuring …

NatureServe Explorer Species Index: Genus Acrocephalus
Acrocephalus familiaris kingi Nihoa Millerbird … Citation for Bird Range Maps of North America: Ridgely, R.S., T.F. Allnutt, T.

Bishop Museum – Birds Checklist Query Results
Bishop Museum – Birds Checklist Query Results The State Museum of Natural … Acrocephalus familiaris subsp. kingi Wetmore, 1924 Passeriformes Endemic Nihoa

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