ITIS Standard Report Page: Adelomyia melanogenys
… Adelomyia melanogenys cervina Gould, 1872 … Washington 99362-0999 : Reference for: Adelomyia melanogenys … No.: Birds of the World: Recommended English …

Gould Hummingbirds
82: Adelomyia melanogenys: Black-eared Adelomyia: 83: Adelomyia maculata,Gould. … 46: Adelomyia cervina,Gould. Buff-breasted Humming-bird: 47: Aglæactis caumatonota,Gould. Black-throated Sunbeam

Sorted by Latin Name
6: 16: Adelomyia melanogenys cervina: Buff-breasted Hummingbird : 7: 17: Adelomyia melanogenys chlorospila … Hummingbird / Emerald-throated Carib / Green Carib / Green Doctor Bird

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations.
Version 9.016 (2008.12.24). Bold species epithet = type APODIFORMES 126 Genera 439 sp. (2008.07.01) APODIDAE C YPSELOIDINAE Cypseloides (m.) Streubel 1848 Isis 41 col.366

ハチドリ科鳥類図譜 第Supplement巻 図版番号:suppl-46 グ学名 Adelomyia cervina 現学名 Adelomyia melanogenys グ英名 Buff-breasted Humming-Bird

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera, species, and subspecies with …
Topaza (f.) Gray,GR 1840 ListGen.Birds p.13. Topaza pella (Linnaeus) 1758 Syst.Nat … Adelomyia melanogenys aeneosticta Simon 1889 Mem.Soc.Zool.France 2 p.223; Adelomyia melanogenys cervina …

Museum Wiesbaden – Natural History State Collection: Collections …
Catalogue of birds (Aves) … Cyanispida caerulescens (Vieill. – Türkisfischer Alcedinidae: Dacelo leachii cervina (Gould …

グ学名 Adelomyia cervina 現学名 Adelomyia melanogenys グ英名 Buff-breasted Humming-Bird 現英名 Speckled Hummingbird 和  名 ミミグロハチドリ

1 Birdquest: Colombia 2007 COLOMBIA 12 JANUARY – 4 FEBRUARY 2007 TOUR REPORT LEADER: PETE MORRIS and CARL DOWNING It had been seven years since our last visit to the most bird-rich … |, CDs, DVDs, MP3s
… nature recordings, birdsongs of nearly all the birds … Adelomyia melanogenys Colibrí pechipunteado Speckled Hummingbird … e) A. m. cervina: Llamado de forrajeo al vuelo, con …

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