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Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the … Aegithina tiphia scapularis: ssp. Aegithina tiphia viridis: ssp. Aegithina tiphia aequanimis: ssp.

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations.
… Aegithina tiphia multicolor (Gmelin) 1789 Syst.Nat. 1 pt2 p.924; Aegithina tiphia philipi Oustalet 1886 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. (2) 8 fasc.2 p.285 Citation; Aegithina tiphia scapularis ( …

Systematic notes on Asian birds 34
… based on Javan [ tiphia ] scapularis ). Apparently … Only his bird’s bill is convincingly iora-like. Taxonomy at and below species-level Aegithina tiphia (Linnaeus, 1758) The Check …

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Scarlet Macaw Bird Count Opportunties in Belize … Aegithina tiphia (Common Iora) Aegithina viridissima (Green Iora) … Alisterus scapularis (Australian King-Parrot) Alle alle (Dovekie)

The Ioras, Family Aegithinidae
… Aegithinia tiphia singaporensis, chosen logo of the Nature Society’s Bird … Schwarzflügel-Aegithina … 11. A. t. scapularis Java, Bali (Indonesia) 12. A. t. tiphia North …

House of Bird Research – About Johannes Erritoe
CATALOGUE OF THE PRIVATE BIRD-SKIN AND SKELETON … Eclectus roratus 1n, Alisterus scapularis 10b, A … Aegithina tiphia 1n, Chloropsis cyanopogon 1n, C. hardwickii 1n, …

All species
All species … Bird, Secretary: Sagittarius serpentarius: Ungraded: Bird-of-Paradise, King-of-Saxony: Pteridophora …

Philip Griffin
Aegithina tiphia Common Iora; A bird moving on a branch. Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia (ssp scapularis). Play video (464 Kb) A bird flying from branch to branch.

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Bird ID Help Line Latest: 20 hours ago: which lens? for birds Photography Latest: 3 days ago … Australian King-Parrot Alisterus scapularis Australian Kite Elanus axillaris

Scientific names, ordered alphabetically, for birds on … Aegithina tiphia: Common Iora: Aegolius acadicus: Northern Saw-whet Owl … Alisterus scapularis: Australian King Parrot: Alle alle: Little …

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