Avibase – The World Bird Database
Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of … Aegotheles bennettii plumiferus: ssp. Aegotheles affinis: Aegotheles affinis affinis: ssp.

ITIS Standard Report Page: Aegotheles bennettii
… Aegotheles bennettii affinis Salvadori, 1876 … Washington 99362-0999 : Reference for: Aegotheles bennettii … No.: Birds of the World: Recommended English …

Owlet-nightjar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Upland Barred Owlet-nightjar, Aegotheles (bennettii) affinis; Wallace’s Owlet-nightjar, Aegotheles … Miocene waterfowl and other birds from central Otago, New Zealand. J. Syst.

Richmond Index — Infrageneric Aegotheles affinis – Aganus venustus
Aegotheles affinis – Aganus venustus The essential resource here is the property of the Division of Birds at the National Museum of … Swainson 1837; Aegotheles bennettii Salvadori …

Australian Bird Image Database- All Images
… archboldi – Archbold’s Owlet-Nightjar Aegotheles bennettii … Caprimulgidae – True Nightjars Caprimulgus affinis … Copyright 2008 Australian Bird Image Database. All …

Owlet-nightjar: Information from Answers.com
… Small to medium-sized, cryptically colored nocturnal birds that perch … Owlet-nightjar, Aegotheles bennettii; Upland Barred Owlet-nightjar, Aegotheles affinis (formerly A. bennettii …

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations.
Tyto alba affinis (Blyth) 1862 Ibis p.388; Tyto alba alba (Scopoli) 1769 AnnusIHist.-Nat. p.21 … Pl.Col. livr.25 pl.146; Athene cunicularia guadeloupensis (Ridgway) 1874 Hist.N.Am.Birds …

Bird Taxonomy
Bird Taxonomy Page 4 [Home] [Site Map] [Info Page … Brown Boobook or Brown Hawk Owl 2291 Ninox affinis … New Caledonian Owlet-Nightjar 2317 Aegotheles bennettii …

World Checklist of Non-Passerine Birds
A World checklist of Non-Passerine Birds … 120 New Guinea Scrubfowl Megapodius affinis 121 … 596 Bennett’s Woodpecker Campethera bennettii

Papua Expeditions :: Check-list birds of Papua, Birdlist Papua
Browse a check-list of all bird species reliably … New Guinea Megapode Megapodius [freycinet] affinis New … Barred Owlet-Nightjar Aegotheles bennettii New Guinea endemic

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