Oriental Bird Club Image Database : Fork-tailed Sunbird » Aethopyga …
Fork-tailed Sunbird Aethopyga christinae latouchii – Male: Photographer : © Martin Hale: Location : Hong Kong: Date : 20 March 2007: Equipment : Alt. Common Name

Oriental Bird Club Image Database : Fork-tailed Sunbird » Aethopyga …
Fork-tailed Sunbird Aethopyga christinae latouchii – Adult male: Photographer : © Charlie Moores: Location : Hong Kong: Date : 15-23 January 2005: Equipment

Birdtour Asia Sichuan, China tour May – June 2007
Systematic Bird List . 19th May – 7th June 2007 . Leader: James Eaton … Fork-tailed Sunbird: Aethopyga christinae latouchii: PASSERIFORMES: Dicaeidae

Richmond Index — Infrageneric Aegotheles affinis – Aganus venustus
… here is the property of the Division of Birds at … Worcester 1894; Aethopyga cara Hume 1874; Aethopyga christinae Swinhoe … Aethopyga ignicauda flavescens Baker 1921; Aethopyga latouchii …

Birdwatching Trip Report from Northern Vietnam
a bird watching trip report on Northern Vietnam … 208. Fork-tailed Sunbird – Aethopyga christinae latouchii A male and a female were seen at the main …

VIREO Bird photos. Visual Resources for Ornithology The Academy of …
VIREO bird pictures in searchable bird image database with photos of birds from around the world

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera, species, and subspecies with …
… 48 no.3 p.297; Cyanomitra olivacea obscura (Jardine) 1842 Nat.Libr. 36(Sun-birds … Aethopyga christinae christinae Swinhoe 1869 Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist.(4) 4 p.436; Aethopyga christinae latouchii …

Sunbirds (Nectariniidae)
Birds: Home > Links > Chemistry & Biology > Zoology > Metazoa > Vertebrata > Birds > … Flaming Sunbird (Aethopyga flagrans) – Text. Fork-tailed Sunbird (Aethopyga christinae latouchii) …

Birdwatching Trip Report from Sichuan (China)
a bird watching trip report on Sichuan (China) … Peter Collaerts Peter.Collaerts[replace by at]scarlet.be Erwin Collaerts

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