xeno-canto :: bird songs from the Americas
Red-winged Tinamou: Rhynchotus rufescens: 7: 19: Huayco Tinamou: Rhynchotus maculicollis: 2: 5: Brushland Tinamou: Nothoprocta cinerascens: 1: 0: Ornate Tinamou: Nothoprocta ornata: 2: 0

World checklist of Passerine Birds
A World checklist of Passerine Birds … 4119 Mottle-backed Elaenia Elaenia gigas 4120 Brownish … 4155 Bearded Tachuri Polystictus pectoralis 4156 Grey-backed …

AOU – Check-list of North American Birds
Check-list of North American Birds. The Committee on … White-necked Puffbird ; Notharchus pectoralis Black-breasted … Lipaugus unirufus Rufous Piha ; Laniocera rufescens Speckled …

North American-Birds
North Ameican bird check lists. Find the common or … canigularis Muscicapa dauurica Podilymbus gigas … goldmani Emberiza rustica Euphagus carolinus Aimophila rufescens …

FLMNH Birds Master Database Taxon List
Birds Master Database Taxon List. Abeillia abeillia abeillia Aburria pipile … Aimophila rufescens gigas Aimophila rufescens pectoralis Aimophila rufescens pectoralis?

The 2,009 birds found in North and Central America and Hawaii
The 2,009 wild bird species of North and Central … Atitlan Grebe: Podilymbus gigas: Horned Grebe: Podiceps … Rusty Sparrow: Aimophila rufescens: Oaxaca Sparrow: Aimophila notosticta

Biologybase: Birds of North America (AOU)
List of birds of North America based on the American … Reddish Egret Egretta rufescens … Black-breasted Puffbird Notharchus pectoralis

Guatemala Birds during FONT Birding & Nature Tours
Guatemala Birds during FONT Birding & Nature Tours … The closely-related Atitlan Grebe, Podilymbus gigas, has … Glyphorynchus spirurus pectoralis (the single member of …

xeno-canto :: bird songs from the Americas
Red-winged Tinamou: Rhynchotus rufescens : 34.00: Huayco Tinamou: Rhynchotus maculicollis : 36.00 … Atitlan Grebe: Podilymbus gigas : 747.00: White-tufted Grebe: Rollandia rolland : 748.00

Birding in Guatemala
… Podilymbus podiceps ; Atitlan Grebe Podilymbus gigas … Sparrow Aimophila botterii ; Rusty Sparrow Aimophila rufescens … Icterus bullockii ; Spot-breasted Oriole Icterus pectoralis …

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