Lanius cristatus
Siberian Red-Tailed Shrike or Butcher-Bird Lanius cristatus … the occurrence in Middle Asia of butcher-birds of the group L. c. isabellinus — speculigerus — tsaidamensis …

Avibase – The World Bird Database
Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the … Lanius isabellinus tsaidamensis: ssp. Lanius arenarius: Lanius phoenicuroides: split – The new taxonomy of the "Isabelline Shrike" complex
… or Red-tailed) Shrike" Lanius isabellinus … and NE Africa; two, isabellinus and tsaidamensis … to be non-valid, with birds from that area being more reminiscent of isabellinus and …

Distribution & Systematics of the Brown Shrike
… phoenicuroides, L. isabellinus speculigerus, and L. isabellinus tsaidamensis … I reproduce here some notes from Charles Vaurie’s Birds of the Palearctic Fauna (1959). Lanius …

Isabellațrnskata РWikipedia
… övervintringsomrÃ¥den överensstämmer med phoenicuroides. Lanius isabellinus arenarius inkl. tsaidamensis … Lars Larsson (2001) Birds of the World, CD-rom; Delar av artikeln är …örnskata

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations.
… Symb.Phys.Aves ["1828"] sig.e Author; Lanius isabellinus phoenicuroides (Schalow) 1875 J.Orn. 23 no.130 p.148 Citation; Lanius isabellinus tsaidamensis Stegmann 1930 Orn.Monatsb. 38 no.4 …

UAE – Annotated Bird Checklist by Tommy Pedersen
Birds of the United Arab Emirates – an annotated checklist. compiled by Tommy Pedersen . 441 category A & C species are recorded in the UAE as of March 9 th 2008.

… phoenicuroides, isabellinus, tsaidamensis and speculigerus) are lumped again in Lanius isabellinus, with … Northern Shrike Lanius excubitor (funereus) Birds of this species …

China 2004 trip list
… Pigeon, Crested Myna; these are in brackets). BIRDS … Rufous-tailed (Isabelline) Shrike: Lanius isabellinus: A couple were … There is even a proposed race (tsaidamensis) from "southwest …

LANIIDAE Shrikes – תוברע ןקנח,חנקן ערבות
stamps of israeli birds,Europe birds, ISRAEL BIRDS … Lanius isabellinus … L. i. tsaidamensis Tsaidam basin and Lake Koko Nor (China).

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