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Bay-backed Shrike Lanius vittatus – 1st year: Photographer : © Anand Arya: Location : Sultanpur National Park, Gurgaon, Haryana, India: Date : 3 August 2008

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The Bay-backed Shrike, Lanius vittatus, is a member of the bird family Laniidae, the shrikes.

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Bay-backed Shrike French common name: Pie-grièche à bandeau (Lanius vittatus)

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Bay-Backed Shrike (Lanius vittatus) Next, Previous, Index. Photographed at Sultanpur, India. Abhijit Menon-Sen <ams@toroid.org> 2009-01-13

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Lanius shrikes are birds of open habitats typically seen perched upright on a prominent perch … Lanius gubernator; Souza’s Shrike, Lanius souzae; Bay-backed Shrike, Lanius vittatus; Long …

Biodiversity of Nepal
Genus: Lanius Species: vittatus Family: Nepali Name: N/A Size: N/A Lifespan: Food: Carnivores: Incubation Period: Habit: N/A Clutch Size: NPWC A(1973): Yes

Biodiversity of Nepal
Genus: Lanius Species: vittatus Family: N/A Nepali Name: N/A Size: N/A Lifespan: Food: Carnivores: … Inskipp, C. and Inskipp, T.P. (1985) A Guide to the Birds of Nepal. Croom Helm …

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Bay-backed Shrike Lanius vittatus. Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach (The birds in the second and third photos appear to be young birds.

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Bay-backed Shrike: Lanius vittatus, 18cm. Oriental Bird Images ref: See here. 11 files, last one added on Oct 10, 2008

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