Leptosomus discolor
Leptosomus discolor Madagascar Cuckoo Roller. Large arboreal bird, male has a black capped grey head and chest, white underparts and metallic green shoulders.

Leptosomus discolor
A phylogenomic study of birds reveals their evolutionary history. Science 320(5884 … Leptosomatidae. Leptosomus discolor. Cuckoo Roller. Version 27 June 2008 (under …

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The Cuckoo-roller, Leptosomus discolor, is the only bird in the family Leptosomatidae, which is usually considered to be within the order Coraciiformes, which also includes the kingfishers, bee-eaters and rollers. However, the position of this family is not very clear. Morphological evidence has been quoted for a placement within or near to Falconiformes.

Leptosomus discolor
Leptosomus discolor Courol. Un gros oiseau arboricole; le mâle a la tête et la poitrine noires avec une coiffe grise, le dessous blanc et les épaules vert métallique.

Leptosomus discolor – Cuckoo Roller
Leptosomus discolor … Vogelpark Walsrode, Niedersachsen, Germany (ssp discolor). Captive Bird. © T.

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El carraca curol, Leptosomus discolor, es la única especie de aves de la familia Leptosomatidae … of least concern [editar] Enlaces externos. Cuckoo Roller videos en la Internet Bird …

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Pages in category "Leptosomus discolor" This category contains only the following page. … Categories: IUCN Least Concern species | Leptosomidae | Birds of Madagascar

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Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world … Leptosomus discolor: Leptosomus discolor: Leptosomus discolor discolor: ssp. Leptosomus discolor …

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… an extensive collection of top quality images of the following species of Birds … Madagascar Cuckoo Roller (Leptosomus discolor) Mesites (Mesitornithidae) · Sub-desert Mesite ( …

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